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Welcome to excites, the portfolio
of graphic designer and illustrator
Simon C Page.
In the dictionary you will find the verb to excite is defined as to arouse or stir up the emotions or feelings of. Combining this with graphic design and creating work that genuinely stimulates people's emotions is something I constantly aim for as a designer. My philosophy is "Good design excites".

I have a passion for minimalism and some of my favourite and most rewarding designs involves typography, geometry and science fiction (which you can see from my astronomy prints and the occasional movie posters I design). I like my work to adapt and evolve naturally for each project and not stay too static, often challenging myself with new self-initiated works, regularly showing variation in my creative process. Below you will find a few select clients I have excited, press and other places of excitement.

Recent Testimonials

"Simon C Page is one of the UK's leading graphic designers and artists. His use of geometric shapes, patterns, typography and colour blend effortlessly and brilliantly"
- The New York Times

"He combines graphic design, mathematics and astronomy to create truly unique piece of art. His style takes shapes and morphs them into cerebral abstractions with a style that shifts around futuristic digital designs and 1960s minimalism"
- Opening Doors

"I’ve got to hand it to Simon C. Page, the man knows how to make some phenomenal, mind-bending patterns. If you’re unfamiliar with his name I can assure you that you've seen his work before. He creates these fantastic pieces which seem math-like in their nature, filled with intricate line work and mind-bending optical illusions."
- The Fox is Black

"Simon C. Page is a super cool graphic designer with an amazing eye for color. His creations combine color in interesting and exciting ways. I love all of his prints and the amazing ways he uses color."
- Colourlovers

(My personal favourite - I mean who doesn't want to be called super cool?)


50,000feet / Apple / BMW Mini / Burton / Computer Arts Magazine / Conde Nast / Digital Arts Magazine / Disney ABC / Emerce / Emirates Airline / E.ON Energy / Explosions in the Sky / Fast Company Magazine / Forsman & Bodenfors / Fortune Magazine / FuturePlus / Gap / Google / Greensource Magazine / Guggenheim Partners / HP / IEEE Spectrum Magazine / Mazda / Ministry of Sound / Mountain Hardware / Nike / Odoyo / Opening Doors / Paste Magazine / Redwood / Sähkö Recordings / Seamless Recordings / Simmons Pugh / Sunday Publishing / The New York Times / T-Mobile / Toyota / Virgin / VML / Wickes / WIRED Magazine / Zombiecorp


IdN Magazine / Artbox Magazine / The New York Times / WIRED / Creative Review / Grain Edit / Gamma Proforma / Computer Arts / ISO50 / Gestalten / Digital Arts / Abduzeedo / The Fox is Black / Neu Black / PSDTUTS / .net Magazine / Art&Design China / Focus Magazine / Current TV / Advanced Photoshop / Apartment Therapy / ImagineFX / Only Creative / Inspiring Pixel / Sooner Than Now / Sci-fi-o-rama / Change the thought / Belio / This is Colossal / Colourlovers / Juztapoz Magazine
(I've lost count a bit with these).


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